All storage units are inside a locked warehouse. Access is via individual coded entry. Only those with a code can enter, and entry is logged so the Manager knows who has accessed the site

Closed circuit cameras are strategically placed around the complex, providing 24 hour surveillance and added security

Our on-site office gives the added benefit of extra security during office hours

Inside the complex, the hallways and access points are lit by sensors lights, so when accessing your storage unit at night, you are never in the dark

The complex is secured by an electronic alarm system

Nightly security patrols monitor the complex after dark

At South Townsville Self Storage, you lock your own storage unit (with your own padlock, or one purchased from our office) and you keep the key!

"What Can't I Store?" Common sense and laws set down by government departments and authorities determine what can and can't be stored. However, under your Self Storage Agreement you can't store hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful goods or explosive goods.